Answers To Your Questions

Once I place my order, how long can I expect shipping & handling to take?

Orders ship within 3 to 5 business days!  As soon as the order has shipped I will send an email with the tracking information for you.

Do you ship internationally?

I will be shipping internationally in the near future.

Do you do all the work?

All the work on this page is mine from the knit booties knitted on three needles to the animal’s crochet by hand and of course the smocked dresses, pinafores and boy’s items.  I have a sewing machine and a Serger machine for the smocked things.  I have a studio in my house where all the supplies are located.  Enter this room at your own risk.  The plan for the future is to have a studio that that you can visit.

What if I don’t see the size or color that I am looking for?

I would love to design and create something especially for your little one or little ones.  Can we talk?

What kind of fabric is used?

With only a few exceptions the fabric for the dresses, pinafores and boys outfits are cotton.  I have included washing instructions with each item listed.

How are the angel ornaments made?

   The angel ornaments both larger and small are made with #10 crochet cotton.  This crochet cotton is crochet with metal crochet hooks from my great grandmother and are very precious to me.  The finished ornaments are starched with straight liquid starch, allowed to dry, ironed and then the bows and hangers are added.  The liquid starch allows the ornaments to maintain their shape.  If you are concerned about any of the products turning yellow, a protective spray can be added to repel dust and dirt or whatever is at your house.  In my case it is cat hair, but you know what I mean.


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