Are You Ready For Summer?

Do you feel it? Summer is on the way with warmer weather, bright sunshine and the more family activities than we had during the past few months. Swimming, boating, camping, spending time with family, picnics, barbeques and any other summer celebration that you can think of. I am ready to travel at least a little and experience more of this country.

Are you looking for colorful and special summer outfits for your next outing? There is a new collection at called Summer Fun. Check it out and see what is ready for you right now. There are more ruffled panties girls outfits coming with some really eye-popping color collections. Don’t forget the little girls dresses and the boys button outfits with both short and long legs. There is a new boys outfit that should be ready sometime this week. By the way, go right to the Summer Fun page at

Are you new to Especially for Ewe? First of all, welcome to our little family. I invite you to join the mailing list on the website so I can keep you up to date on what is new, what is coming up and where you can find Especially for Ewe products as soon as craft shows are available again. Especially for Ewe features dresses in size 3 months to size 8 and boys’ outfits from size 3 months to size 18 months as well as baby gifts and toys, play clothes for little girls and Christmas angels any time of the year. Head to and add your email address to the pop-up box. That is all I need to keep you in the loop.

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