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Have you noticed the weather this week? It would be hard not to notice. It is warm and sunny with little chance of rain in Virginia. It makes me want to get outside and plant something. I know that it is a little to early for that here, the usual date for planting is Mother’s Day because of the changeable weather. As the weather gets warmer, I can’t help but think about summer and actually being able to take a trip. There is a future trip planned at our house that will include Rocky. Just the chance to go anywhere without a whole lot of worry is gratifying. We have had our shots, both of them and will be bringing that evidence with us.

Once again, I am climbing into the world on marketing and changing a few images and adding a few things to the website and what you will see when you look at social media. The first thing I added was a new statement. Especially For Ewe features English smocked clothing for boys and girls. I think that sums things up nicely and gives everyone, including me, words to plan and build other things around.

Erin has been busy wearing new outfits and having a picture taken, at least one. When you look at the website you will see the pictures that have been added to make what you are looking at much clearer. Still have questions. Please do no hesitate to contact me. I have added WhatsApp to my line up, a direct message app that will get messages to me and I can answer you quickly and directly. So, let me show you what Erin has been wearing lately.

The emphasis at Especially For Ewe right now is summer. Summer dresses for girls, summer playsets for those fun adventures and button suits for boys that can be worn with a shirt or without. I do have shirts available on the website to go with the boys outfits if you like that look better. Check them out at:

Especially for Ewe features dresses in size 3 months to size 8 and boys’ outfits from size 3 months to size 18 months as well as baby gifts and toys, play clothes for little girls and Christmas angels any time of the year. Join the mailing list at so I can keep you up to date on what is new, what is coming up and where you can find Especially for Ewe products as soon as craft shows are available again.

Upcoming Craft Shows Where You Can Find Especially For Ewe

Bedford Fiber Festival – September 25,2021

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