Leaf Peeping

My husband and I went leaf peeping last weekend and ended up driving into West Virginia. Granted we were not very far into West Virginia, but we still crossed the state line. We ate our picnic lunch in West Virginia and then Drove home. The colors were shining all around us with a lot of orange and some red making us both homesick for the colors that we would see this time of year in New England. Our dog, Rocky, came along the ride as well and enjoyed riding and being with his people.It was great to see the colors and think that the colder weather is coming.

Cooler weather is a time for wrapping up in blankets in front of the fire and enjoying the long night together. Entering the world of especially for Ewe has a lot of different colors and different pieces of equipment used to make what you see on I just finished a baby bear hat that will have its picture taken soon. The crochet hooks have been busy with Christmas ornaments that will soon be ready to starch.

Have you decided what you will be giving to others this year? This is the time of year to make memories with those that we love. The shape of a simpler time seems to be appearing with less fuss and bother and more fellowship among families. There are so many small business owners both on-line and in shops around the area that will welcome your business this holiday season as we seek out our normal in this new world. I highly recommend shopping local for the gifts that you give to those that are most important to you.

This is my favorite time of year. I love the fabrics and the bright colors and the familiar characters. So, what is available at especially For Ewe for this Christmas season. Right now, in the studio there are Christmas dresses with jazzy trees, Bears with packages and gingerbread houses. There are dress and pinafore sets as well featuring Santa and His favorite reindeer and snowmen. Let’s not leave the little boys out. I have two boys button suits that are available with shirts to make the little boys seem special too.

I don’t want to forget the Christmas tree ornaments. While angels are the theme for most of the ornaments, I do have a bear angel, knitting baskets with needles and yarn, Victorian bells and hearts along with the angel assortment. Do you get the idea that I like angels?

As Christmas gets closer and you are making your list and then checking it twice, don’t forget that Especially For Ewe is offering free shipping until December 15 to make your holidays brighter. Do you live in my local area of Lynchburg, VA? I offer drive up delivery or I will meet you with your treasures. What could be easier?

So, where else can you find Especially for Ewe?

Twitter- especiallyforewe

Tumblr -EspeciallyForEwe

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