Rebuilding the Studio

For those of you who have moved from one place to another or moved into a relationship combining two households, my heart goes out to you. These past few weeks have included a lot of boxing and sorting and throwing things away that are not needed as well as having things taken to a storage building that just will not fit. We are still in this process of combining things but now that things are in the storage building, I can concentrate on finding places for things and mostly rebuilding the studio area so that I can work. The apartment we are in thankfully has two bedrooms and the second one is now the studio as well as other things. Still, it is a workable situation with sewing machines, serger machines and yes even the spinning wheels. The two cats seem to be acclimating as well. Our family now includes a boxer and two cats. We are a few animals short of the Brady Bunch but have not desire to add any more. I was able to cut material this week which was a thrill. The construction equipment boys’ rompers as well as the animal ones are coming. I have pleating left to do as well as the actual smocking. These patterns are really great and I can’t wait to see the results.

The 4th of July is Saturday. What are your plans for that day? Picnics, fireworks, swimming, camping? Whatever it is, have fun and celebrate.

With fall coming on fast, it is still a waiting game to see if the craft shows that everyone knows, and loves will be held as usual or canceled. Times and dates will be posted as soon as I have information. Sign up as a subscriber and I will send you updates as they happen.

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