The Scary World of SEO's

I am traveling into the scary and confusing world of SEO,s, better known as search engine optimization, and how they can help my website. Apparently, Google reads things differently than we have written them. Getting titles for products to be seen by Google in a more efficient way is the present challenge. It is a different way of labeling products and making them noticed. With the search for better SEO titles, I have added a search bar and a new chat feature that should help you as a customer find what you are looking for and be able to ask questions while you are actually on the website looking. The chat feature has its own web address so you can send me a chat whether you are on the website or not. That address is:

The Spring and Easter sale is in its final few days. I am offering 40% off girl’s dresses, boys outfits and pinafores until March 26. The original price as well as the sale price are listed with each item so you can see your savings. Take a look at what is available at and grab your favorites.

New little boys outfits are being added as we speak. It looks like there will be two of the sailor suit sets and two button suits in shorts length for the spring. Look for all of these additions very soon.

Special orders are always welcome and especially when there is a sale going on. My goal at Especially for Ewe is to fulfill your vision for your little ones at the next special occasion. Soon we will be gathering together in groups. I know a lot of people are excited. I know I am. Make that next family gathering special for you and your little ones with a special dress or boys outfit just for the occasion. Email me at or give me a call at 434-515-0651 so we can make that vision a reality for your special occasion. Special orders are some of my favorite things to stitch. I look forward to hearing from you with these special requests.

Are you new to Especially for Ewe? First of all, welcome to our little family. I invite you to join the mailing list on the website so I can keep you up to date on what is new, what is coming up and where you can find Especially for Ewe products as soon as craft shows are available again. . Especially for Ewe features dresses in size 3 months to size 8 and boys’ outfits from size 3 months to size 18 months as well as baby gifts and toys, play clothes for little girls and Christmas angels any time of the year. Head to and add your email address to the pop-up box. That is all I need to keep you in the loop.

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