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Now that most of the craft shows that I usually attend during the fall have been canceled because of Coronavirus, now seemed to be the time to start looking at Craft Shows for 2021. I know it seems to be a long way off in some ways, but not really if you are considering shows in the spring. To my surprise, I guess that is the right way to put it, I discovered that a lot of the shows that I was considering and getting information for are having virtual craft shows with vendors on camera with their products. So, I started thinking about how that would look in the real world. The first part would be a place to set up my display and then to actually set up the display and take a video of the products that are available as not only the whole display but also the individual products close up. As I start looking at shows for 2021, this may need to be part of my plans, but the advantage is to reach more people and those in other states with this virtual method. I see this as another change to our world in response to Corona virus.

Since it is September, fall is coming and just for fun, let’s have a September sale. From now until September 18, girls’ dresses, boys’ outfits and play clothes are 15% off. The prices are marked on the website to make shopping easier. Choose your favorites now before they are gone. While you are on, check out the changes to the website as well as the new features. Shopping online is getting easier and easier. As always, if you live in my local area, pickup or delivery is available. Are you ready to shop now???

Here is another popular question. What kind of fabric is used? In most cases, the fabrics that I use are cotton or a cotton blend. The main reason is that cotton and cotton blend go through my pleater much easier than any of the knit fabrics. Cotton sews well and is durable and as my mother used to say, falls nicely. The dresses and outfits are still easy care. Wash in cold water and take from the washer to hang to dry. If you do want to dry them, just use a low heat setting and hang up right away.

Christmas outfits for boys and girls are coming soon!!!

So, where else can you find especially for ewe?

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