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Three Sail boats Pinafore, Size 12 months

This adorable pinafore features red boats with blue sails sailing on the water.  This pinafore would look great with a blue dress or with jeans and a top.  The pinafore in size 12 months features ruffles on the sleeves, a simple button closure in the back and ties for the sides.  A simple way to dress up any outfit.  Sheep, sheep and more sheep. Can’t you tell that I love them? This cute pinafore features a pair of sheep facing each other under a heart. How cute. This is a pinafore in most senses of that word but this one has a skirt all the way around. There are still side ties and a simple button closure but there are so many more used for this than just over a dress. How about pants and a cute top? This pinafore, made from cotton fabric, is easy care. My suggestions are to wash item in cold water on the gentle cycle, shake excess water from garment, and then dry on cool cycle and remove from dryer to prevent wrinkles.

  • Care Instructions

    Wash item in cold water on the gentle cycle

    Shake excess water from garment

    Dry on cool cycle and remove from dryer